◊ Harriet Casdin-Silver ◊

“Harriet Casdin-Silver is a pioneer of art holography in the United States and was an important figure in the development of installation art and technological art in the 1960s. Casdin-Silver’s work is internationally recognized and has been exhibited for over 25 years in museums, galleries, and universities through the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

She has not only set aesthetic standards for holography but also stretched the scientific boundaries of the medium. Casdin-Silver was the first artist to develop frontal-projection holograms, the first to explore white light transmission multi-colored holograms, and the first to exhibit outdoor, solar-tracked holograms.

Casdin-Silver began her artistic career in the 1960s as a painter and quickly moved into multi-media and technological images. In 1968, she made her first holograms, becoming one of the first artists to work in this media. Casdin-Silver’s early work focused on both abstract and object-based images; by the late 1970s, Casdin-Silver began exploring the human figure, in particular the female body. At the same time, the artist began to combine holography with other media to create installation pieces. More recently, Casdin-Silver’s work focuses on the issues of feminism, the human form, the aging process, death, and issues of identity.

— Nick Capasso, Curator, Harriet Casdin-Silver: The Art of Holography, a retrospective at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park “

Lurve Magazine


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