◊ New ßook ◊

INGE GROGNARD (make-up artist) and RONALD STOOPS (photographer) are a creative husband-and-wife fashion who steeped in Antwerp’s fashion scene of the early ’80s.

Their projects together are known for the bright use of colour, original settings and the game with identity. Photographer and make-up artist show discipline, simplicity and interest in the future: a think tank that happens to be design.

The new book “RONALD STOOPS/ INGE GROGNARD“  from publishers Ludion, is an anthology of over 30 years of collaboration, with emphasis placed on the duo’s non-commercial work, including projects with NARCISSE TORDOIR, MARTIN MARGIELA, A.F. VANDEVORST , JURGI PERSOONS or ANDREA CAMMAROSANO (among others).Definitively a book to have!



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