David Schwen ◊ Food Art Pairings ◊

To mark the start of a new week, we bring you another dose of Monday cheer in the form of these brilliantly creative Food Art Pairings by Minneapolis based designer David Schwen. A play on the now iconic Pantone colour swatches, Schwen takes photographs of popular food combinations – from peanut butter and jelly to eggs and bacon – and presents them in the same simple Pantone format: two labelled squares in the centre of a white backdrop. Delightful in their simplicity and aesthetic effect, as well as their celebration of classic food fusions, we hope these miniature feasts for the eyes help to get your Monday morning off to the best of starts.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

pantone_07v2 pantone_06 pantone_05 pantone_04 pantone_03 pantone_02 pantone_01


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