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I Don’t Sleep, I Dream…
I don’t sleep, I dream is about finding a dream-escape in your inner world. This inner-world contrasts shar- ply with the world outside of us. This outside world currently is filled with superficial information, and projects shiny images upon us as if they are the ones we should live up to. However shiny that mirrored surface might appear, I want to challenge viewers to scratch the surface and look into what lies under- neath. The selected movies represent powerful inner visions, stubborn and courageous ones. They contrast sharply with the way we experience on the inside and how reality presents itself. So this dream. It can be obscure and dark, but also light and ethereal. No matter how hard we try to polish the rough edges, these are elements true to us all.
Freethinking creators
For this exposition I brought together the work of directors and creators that have maintained an eccentric position. Each one in their own right has maintained a pertinacious attitude. Many of them are hugely successful within their trade, but still they manage to pursue the boundaries of their creativity. They are true daredevils. In a world that rapidly evol- ves, where the repercussions of failure are severe, they continuously manage to take risks. I think that is admirable. These artists have usually mastered all possible technological feats, but never get riddled by them. They remain close to themselves while making and present the viewers with their bold and highly personal imaginary worlds. I have been fortunate to work with Henrik vibskov – who curated part of the show. His fine-tuned, humorous and experimental way of working, represents an ideal attitude to me.
Fighting Eye Candy
In my work I aim to reflect atmospheres, states of being. I am always drawn to certain aspects of phy- sicality; the intricate ways in which the body moves.
Fashion can function as a tool to amplify those expressions. I am looking for where the distortion comes in. The moment that imperfection, or devia- tions suddenly become a trait of beauty. It is a sense of otherness where pain can also be present. a sense of suffering very much connected to the essence of our being and our life. The closer you get to this, the stronger your senses experience. I am fascinated by the suppressed energy that you can find beneath that polished surface of the ‘real’ that is constantly pre- sented to us in visuals and media. The tension related to violence, sexuality, our primary urges. In subcul- tures of music and fashion these desires and passions are acknowledged, sometimes exploited. They serve as an inspiration to me. I always look for the distorti- on, and try to transform this friction to a razor-sharp image. The bruises, the knots and the imperfection can be perceived as ultimate traits of beauty. and when you can represent that through your film, you get closer to expressing life. My ultimate dream is to capture batailles L’Histoire de L’oeil in celluloid.


The Monk / Henrik Vibskov / 2000 / video

The Fringe project no.8 / Vibskov & Emenius / 2008 / HD video

The Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is one of the leading talents in the fashion world. Vibskov exhibited in museums and galleries around the world and is known for his conceptual spectacular fashionshows and collections. Vibskov blends technique, material and emotion into an experience with magical, completely unexpected dimensions. 
Together with the Swedish visual artist Andreas Emenius Henrik Vibskov forms the collective Vibskov & Emenius. Since 2007 they work on various installations, objects, performances, video and self-portraits titled The Fringe Projects.




Six animations of Dutch artist Eelco Brand. His hyper-realistic, almost living, digital paintings with titles like N.movi, V.movi, R.movi, W.movi are alienating but still deeply human.


Tired of the well-known but boring chocolates, filmmaker and designer David Wilson thought of a musical/visual alternative to the traditional Advent calendar. The Advent Calendar Film Series is a collection of 25 video clips, each of which are the result of collaboration between Wilson and a musician who, exclusively for the project, produced a new track.

Advent 4 – Keaton Henson / David Wilson & Sam Potter / 2011 / video
Advent 5 – Deptford Goth
/ David Wilson / 2011 / video
Advent 8 – Oscar Cash (Metronomy)
/ David Wilson / 2011 / video
Advent 12 – Crystal Antlers 
/ David Wilson / 2011 / video
Advent 18 – Bright Light Bright Light 
/ David Wilson & Sam Potter / 2011 / video

Reed + Rader

Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader have been living and working together for over 10 years. Before everyone else, the couple understood how to take advantage of the Internet in order to promote fashion and create new fashion stories. Using the GIF format and augmented realities, their personal style and aesthetic is giving a fun, dreamy, colourful, fresh and futuristic twist to the fashion industry.

Naptime / Reed + Rader / video
EMxxxY / Reed + Rader / video


Morena Westerik and Petra Bennekum, better known as Petrovsky & Ramone, have left their mark in the world of fashion photography. They tell stories using pictures, with realistic and fantasy elements alternating. They love to reveal the beauty in less beautiful things in raw and sometimes provocative photo reports.

Glow Jan Taminiau / Petrovsky & Ramone / 2012 / video
Anne de Grijf / Petrovsky & Ramone / 2011 / video
“KISSING IN PARIS” / “…are you on facebook?” / Petrovsky & Ramone / 2011 / video
Earth Matters 01 / Petrovsky & Ramone / 2011 / video
Web 06 / Petrovsky & Ramone / 2011 / video


POP-UP STORE BY SML I ISM spacific design






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