◊ Oda Haugerud ◊

Swedish graphic designer Oda Haugerud creates beautifully simple and carefully considered printed matter, combining analogue and digital techniques.

Throughout her portfolio of self-initiated and academic projects, her subdued but potent style consistently shines through in lovely paper products. All of them results of thoughtful process and research, no doubt influenced by her multidisciplinary background in art history, film studies and art & publishing apart from graphic design.

My personal favorite is the featured work Meteorit, a collection of  illustrations and products inspired by the event on February 15th of this year, when a meteorite was 2 minutes from hitting Malmö, Sweden before landing in Tjeljabinsk, Russia.

lookagain1-400x251 meteorit2-400x565 lilium1-400x540 meteorit3-400x548 kusahibari1-400x314 meteorit1-400x308

◊ Minimal ◊



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