◊ Kim Joon ◊ Taboo: Social Do’s and Don’ts.

joon-big-body-orgy bird-land-chanel-kim-joon kim-joon-lee-sang-bong kim-joon-cradle+song-vivienne+westwood++160cm+x+80cm+digital+print+200

This work by Kim Joon is about the social taboos of nudity and tattoos. In this piece, the artist uses the body in its entirety to convey this big idea. He uses the beauty of the human body and the perfect mesh of colors to highlight both of the taboos in their forms. He turned the nude bodies into something more visually appealing to those who see nudity as taboo and he also turned tattoos into something that can be see as aesthetically pleasing rather than an eye sore.

From this piece, I feel like I can take away the ability to use colors and shades to mask and convey my image’s message.

This piece here is about the social taboo of picking ones nose. In the description the artist speaks about how this common act has become so taboo that it is instilled in our minds, from the early youth, as a social taboo. The artist uses the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ painting and edits it to depict her picking her nose. This was meant to show how the taboo that we take to be so serious, is in fact silly. The artist main goal was to show how ridiculous it is for the simple act to have such serious ramifications. Especially when the act is something that is a bit normal.

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