◊ Thierry Rondenet and Hervé Yvrenogeau ◊ Own.

Based in Brussels, since 1998 Thierry Rondenet and Hervé Yvrenogeau have offered a selection of men’s clothes conceived for everyday use. Their models aren’t “basics”, but basic clothes with a twist of fantasy. Influenced by the real world, their creations give a false sense of “déjà vu”. The individual pieces can be combined, creating “puzzle collections” which refuse to be controlled by the dictates of a total look. 

Each collection has a theme of its own. Winter 2003 will orchestrate an encounter of the avant-garde with popular culture. The shapes and forms are somewhere between street style and artistic references. Art Deco patchworks adorn sweatshirts, while T-shirts are covered with naïve drawings – as if scribbled over with a Stabilo pen. Who cares about perfection? It’s the odd little touches that give the clothes their charm.

own is an open collective, bringing together people from outside. Sandrine Rombaux, for instance, designed the knitwear pieces for the first collection. For the following summer, Pascal Gautrand mixed handkerchiefs with T-shirts, producing iconic clothes based on the idea of memory. In the same spirit of collaboration, Thierry Rondenet and Hervé Yvrenogeau are offering sneakers in partnership with ADIDAS (STAN SMITH and AMERICANA). Right now, they are preparing a shoe model to be marketed by ERAM.

Alongside its menswear creations, own is developing projects that blend style, design and art. The low table “Plan incliné” could pass for a gymnastics bench and the “Shining” lamp, marketed by Modular, comes across as a double lampshade.

Being contemporary dance enthusiasts, the collective has created costumes for the companies Thomas HAUERT/ZOO and koen augustijnen/les ballets c. de la B.

Former students of screen printing and printed images at La Cambre school of applied arts (Brussels), Thierry Rondenet and Hervé Yvrenogeau today teach in the school’s fashion department.

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