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Leutton Postle Autumn Winter 2012

Designed in Hackney: scribbled faces on fabric masks feature in the latest collection from young designers Leutton Postle, who continue this week’s look at Hackney fashion designers.

Leutton Postle Autumn Winter 2012

Abstract illustrations of facial features adorn the collection, which combines textured knit, reverse appliqué, metallic yarn and tinsel.

Here’s some more information from Leutton and Postle:

Autumn/Winter 2012

The AW12 collection from cult design duo Leutton Postle is visually arresting, playful and intensely detailed.
Labour-intensive looks artfully meld textured knit and reverse appliqué together, often to surprising effect.
A knitted face is enlivened with a three dimensional weft of hair that becomes a ponytail.
Patterns come in the form of facial features, both illustrative in knitwear and abstract in textiles; a motif which is echoed throughout the collection.

Diverse inspirations ranging from tinsel to faces to blocks to Wes make for a muted colour palette (mulchy earth tones, putty, inky blues) offset with intense primaries.

Leutton Postle Autumn Winter 2012

Never afraid to utilise unusual materials in their work, splashes of tinsel and sparks of metallic yarn illuminate the collection.
Classic knitwear shapes such as vests, cardigans and v-neck jumpers are subverted and the classic smart skirt suit is re-hashed with intense patterning and metallic tones.
Garments are worn layered: delicately trimmed tunics are paired with boldly patterned trousers and heavy boucle jackets along with quirky headwear, which set a playful tone for the rest of the collection.

Leutton Postle Autumn Winter 2012

These are luxurious statement pieces in their own right and statement looks when worn together. The upshot? A sartorial mash-up for bold, vibrant women.

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