◊ Synchrodogs ◊ Fobia

“Small cities need no fashion” they say, and what’s more, “the moment you try to make everybody like you is the moment of your art-suicide.”

Bold words spoken to Urban Outfitters by Ukranian photography duo Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, so it would be a sad thing if their images lacked that intensity of individuality. Really then I should thank them for my happy morning thus far. Thanks, Synchrodogs (that’s their pseudonym, not my pet name).

The fashion (recently for Masha Reva) and the “for fun” photos are interchangeable, both have a vibrant sense of spontaneity and feature beautiful women contorting aesthetically in cool clothes, set into inexplicably European landscapes. They are big fans of frozen movement and use a heavy flash that picks details off of their backdrops and gives them a drop shadow – the overall effect of which is dramatic with what can only be elusive “youth” reflecting off them so brightly.

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