Ed Templeton

The jury is still out on this one. You might well think it’s incredibly creepy, or you may see the adorable side. Let’s find out! For sixteen years skateboarder and photographer Ed Templeton has been snapping away, capturing teenage couples as they mount impressive displays of public affection.

We’ve all been there, snatching every spare second to kiss the high school heartthrob, it can be easy to forget where you are and get carried away.

This is exactly what Templeton’s images show, a theme that he only realised after looking at his work in hindsight. ‘The reaction is out of my control,’ says the artist. ‘I have heard feedback from people who said that it reminded them fondly of their teenage years. Others said it made them feel creepy. I think most of us have partaken in this sort of activity at some point in our lives, so there is always that element of shared human experience when you are looking at photographs. We all remember our awkward teenage phases. I hope that spirit comes through.’

Some of the photographs in Teenage Kissers are sort of cute, while most others mainly make you want to brush your teeth.

kissers-lead-990x500 EdTempleton1 EdTempleton2



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