Iiu Susiraja


If you’re going to take a series of selfies, you better make sure they’re interesting. Nobody wants to sit at the computer looking at a selfie unless it’s controversial, funny, or, let’s face it, of themselves. So with that in mind, let’s all shift our gaze to a few selfies of Iiu Susiraja, a Finnish self-portrait photographer who knows a thing or two about capturing-and keeping-our attention.

In one selfie she’s balancing a dog bone on her upper lip, in another she’s folding her breasts over a broom.

To understand why Susiraja is doing this, you’d have to make sense of her artist statement: ‘I photograph me because it is the subject I certainly know the best. I make object of myself and my privacy, which is a moment of fame. To turn the privacy as a public is a shelter for me. I feel privacy very painful. When I have been spoken about my art I have mentioned words: the documentation of emotions. My art it is like a playful anarchism with equipment and the rituals of taking back the power. Everyday life is my muse’. I didn’t understand a word of that, but I’m digging her photos.

Iiu-Susiraja_LUCIA-sarjasta-Hyvä-käytös-2010-650x656 slide_375880_4400212_free-650x487 luuta600-990x500 symbioosi-650x530 slide_375880_4400214_free-650x866 slide_375880_4400198_free-650x866 471765-650x650 PUSSIJALAT-650x487



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