Peggy Kuiper ◊

In a Coffin

My inspiration comes from reading a philosophers book: Julia Kristeva – powers of horror. The images are esthetic but if you look closer you will see something that is everything but pretty. Also I wanted to play with time. The feeling of time could be 1800 but the hidden heroine needle tells you otherwise. The detail of the ‘religious’ window makes it even more complex.

Unheimlich Unheimlich Unheimlich

Nervous Nervous

Carla Johanna Josepha Kuiper-Schuurkes
I made this book because I wanted a tribute to the life of my mother Carla. The book has two story lines. The first story line is about important moments from 1954 till 2003 in the world history and the second story line is about the life that Carla lived. Snapshots of Carlas life are hidden between sealed pages and are revealed when the pages are torn. Between the two stories you will find text about the impact of cancer. In the years my mother was ill you will not find important history moments anymore because that world didn’t really matter any more to me.
f g d e b a

A Normal Day



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