Zun Lee ◊

I can’t explain nor predict what exactly I’m looking for or who I’ll be drawn to as I roam the streets. It’s any combination of their personality, their energy, their appearance, etc. but subconsciously I know it’s deeper than that – and my subjects often know that, too.
It doesn’t matter whether they last a few seconds or several minutes, the encounters I experience share a common theme: Strangers will open up to me as if to say “I don’t have a clue who you are but I trust you”. And that’s invariably a two-way street: I have to give up my own secrets in order to receive theirs.
In reality, the people I photograph are therefore neither random, nor strangers. I find I gravitate towards them for a reason: The portraits often have an undercurrent of self-discovery and identity exploration, and so they’re every bit about myself as they are about the subject.



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