Flokje van Lith ◊ Work

Dutch award winning artist and photographer Flokje van Lith was born in 1969. She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. In her work she explores childhood and its underlying traumas and issues as well as the beauty of innocence. Her contemporary portraits have been edited with utmost care and precision to create paint-like images. Her work has been exhibited in the Netherlands and internationally, including Scope Miami, Art Miami and Photoville New-York. She also works as a commercial photographer and specialises in portraits of children.

Eyes of Innocence
Eyes of Innocence Eyes of Innocence Eyes of Innocence

Eyes of Innocence

Eyes of Innocence

Eyes of Innocence

Promise Promise




◊ Delaney Allen

This self portrait series by Delaney Allen make an unusual not very traditional approach to portraits. Delaney never reveals his face, camouflages with different fabrics, hiding behind bubble gum or banana and blurred pictures which make us curious to reveal what is hidden behind.

Delaney started taking these photographs in 2011, some of the shots are very thoughtful, nicely prepared in color and composition, others are just randomly made on the spot. He was fascinated by how they can relate at once to both pattern and design and become almost a sculptural element. Normally we like to identify ourselves with others, creating our self-conciousness. As Delaney says ‘We tend to identify ourselves through others- I am her son, their friend, his girlfriend. But how do we find ourselves when we are alone?’ Reveailing through concealing. Confusion and Loneliness. He took the identity from the photograph but still, his photographs seem immanently personal.

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Roni Horn

#1 siong chin
Surrounded by and submerged within a rich white background, [this series] is the portrait of a clown’s psychology. The powdered face of [a] genderless clown, with its gaping red mouth and bulbous nose, contorts for our amusement or disquiet like a child in front of a mirror or a stage performer warming up… Each photograph captures the clown’s countenance with long exposures turning a distinct subject into a blurry composite of expressions. Like a Bruce Nauman video, there is a kind of jest, a playful sense of the absurd in these photographs, behind which lurks a darker and more disturbing concern for the authenticity of character.

RoniHorn3 RoniHorn2 RoniHorn1


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#2 ‘You are the Weather’

Hauser & Wirth is delighted to present Roni Horn’s first London exhibition since her major survey ‘Roni Horn aka Roni Horn’ at Tate Modern in 2009. The exhibition features important new sculpture, photography and works on paper. Through these media, Horn cultivates a complex relationship between identity, location and the viewer’s perception

Horn has made a new sculpture for the north gallery. Consisting of a group of ten ethereal yet weighty pieces, this work is the first of Horn’s multi-part sculptures to be shown in the UK.

In the south gallery, Horn has created part two of a key work in her oeuvre: ‘You are the Weather’ (1994 – 1996). The new work, ‘You are the Weather, Part 2’, follows the same form as ‘You are the Weather’ and features the same model, 15 years later. The work consists of 100 photographs of a woman, situated in the hot springs and pools in Iceland. In each image, the woman’s facial expressions change with the changes in the weather conditions around her. As described by Horn in regards to ‘You are the Weather’, ‘The way this work is shot and installed, the viewer is voyeurised by the view. You are surrounded by a woman who is staring at you’.

In connection with ‘You are the Weather, Part 2’, Horn will publish ‘Haraldsdóttir, Part Two’. This publication is the 10th volume of ‘To Place’ – an ongoing series of artist’s books. It is related to ‘Haraldsdóttir’, which was first published in 1996, and presents in the work all the photographs from ‘You Are the Weather, Part 2’.

Also in the south gallery, Horn has made new large-scale pigment drawings. In each drawing, Horn begins with two or more drawings of similar forms, or ‘plates’. She then cuts them apart and reassembles them repeatedly. Small markings – words and numbers – track the work’s progression built up with the recomposing of the image.

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◊ Australian Aborigines

The Australian Aborigines have the widespread belief that ochre paint has magical powers and is held in regard as being sacred. It is symbolic with blood in secret ceremonies.  Body painting to the  Aborigines was also a process of  shifting their  identity, to be replaced by a representation of their ancestral totem, usually an animal. On a more pragmatic level, smearing the whole body with earth, coloured charcoal and animal fat, ostensibly to camouflage smell when hunting, but also probably  to maintain body temperature. In tropical areas, coating the skin with earth and fat kept sand-flies and mosquitoes at a distance.
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◊ Ugly Models

Ugly Models is a London-based alternative modelling agency that specialises in character modelling. Its owner Marc French says it is about “celebrating everyone’s unique beauty”. Its major clients include Calvin KleinLevi’sDieselVogueElle, and Cosmopolitan. Its models have appeared in film series such as Harry PotterPirates of the Caribbean and James Bond. Ugly Models are in official partnership with Guinness World Records and represents the world’s tallest man, the world’s most pierced woman and the world’s most tattooed man.
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-26 om 19.26.41
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◊ KunstRAI ◊

Kunst RAI- Booth 35

RAI, Amsterdam

04.06.2014 – 09.06.2014

The KunstRAI is a  national art fair for modern and contemporary art from both Dutch as well as foreign artists. A one-audience fair with 60 high class galleries who  reflect the diversity, quality and pluralism of the historic rich offer of Dutch art. KunstRAI celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year.

Raw-Edge booths show surprising cutting-edge works by young artists and Solostands enhance the appreciation and understanding of the work of one artists selected by the gallery.

A selection committee existing of Piet de Jonge, former (head) conservator of the Van Abbe museum, Kröller Müller musem and museum Boijmans van Beuningen; Peter Fransman. Director Museum Het Domein in Sittard and Harry Tupan, conservator contemporary art of the Drents Museum, judges the participants on quality.

The legendary graphic designer Anthon Beeke, who designed the well-known posters for the KunstRAI from 1994 until 2002, once again designs the KunstRAI poster of the fair. Every year the face of another high-profile person is used for the design.


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